Our latest video asks, "What does worship mean to you personally?" Do you pour your heart and soul before the Lord, or is worship simply an exercise in singing and listening?


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Uncovering Mysteries of the Parables with Haggadic Midrash

by Dr. Anne Davis

Haggadic midrash is an ancient Hebraic method of uncovering a depth of meaning from the Hebrew scriptures, which was used by Jesus (Yeshua) in the New Testament. Every parable uses haggadic midrash to draw from the Old Testament in order to retell the story in a creative and artistic way. The purpose of the midrash is to instruct God’s children to walk in righteousness.

Dr. Anne Davis

All Israel will be Saved


The Law is not a Curse


Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study

Remnant Part 1:

Israel's Inheritance

Remnant Part 2:

A Remnant of the Church

Remnant Part 3:

The Remnant in the Great Tribulation and the Millennial Kingdom

Remnant Part 4:

The End of Time Revealed in Israel's Annual Festivals


Searching the Scriptures:

The Book of Nahum


Searching the Scriptures:

The Power of a Word Study

Uncovering Mysteries
of the Parables

Dr. Dinah Dye

The Temple Revealed in Creation:

A Portrait of the Family

The Temple Revealed in the Garden:

Priests and Kings

Dr. Noreen Jacks

By Divine Appointment

Building Walls of Prayer

Exchanging Sorrow for Joy

The Fall Feasts of the Lord

Grooming the Bride


Joseph and the Coat of Destiny

More Promises from the Olive Tree

Dr. Michael Koplitz

A Comparison between Western/Greek Bible Study and Hebraic Bible Study

Discovering Biblical Treasures Series

(18 titles)

Growing in the Gospel

Advent Week 1:

Understanding the 2nd Coming

Growing in the Gospel Advent Week 2:

Understanding the Beatitudes

Growing in the Gospel Advent Week 3:

Understanding Excommunication

Growing in the Gospel

Advent Week 4:

Understanding Christmas


Growing in the Gospel:

Experiencing Trinity Doctrine Development

Growing in the Gospel:

Understanding the Beatitudes

Growing in the Gospel:

Understanding Excommunication

Understanding Daniel




Dr. George Sparks

Introduction to Biblical Archaeology


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