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Do Not Let Materialism Overtake Spirituality​

Water is thicker than blood

Why did Jesus Appear in the Midst of the Feast?

Jesus Sighed

A Place for God's Presence

Life Direction from the Lord​

How Fruitful is Your Life?

Donkeys Know Best

Who is Being Left Out?

Is the Sabbath a Requirement?

Is Suicide an Unforgivable Sin?

Is Divorce a Sin?

Walking the Land of the OT

Is Original Sin in the Bible?

The Lawless One is Among Us

Spiritual Warfare

Living the Resurrection

Time and Unleavened Bread

Saint Patrick: Apostle to Ireland

What is Godly Love?

Hope is NOT Dead!

Not politics but love!

Revelation Offers Critical Information

Six Future Resurrections

What is in a Name?

Facing the New Year with Confidence

A Call for Unity and Harmony

What is a Person to Say?

What to do with an Ungodly Government​

How do we Cope with Isolation?

The Dramatic Prophecy of Yom Kippur

Prophecy in Rosh Hashanah

Masks or no masks?

Why are there so many conspiracy theories?

How to Survive in an Upside-Down World

How to Deal with Anger that Becomes Rage​

Prophecy in the Cain and Abel Story

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