Our latest video asks, "What does worship mean to you personally?" Do you pour your heart and soul before the Lord, or is worship simply an exercise in singing and listening?

About BibleInteract

BibleInteract is a trans-denominational organization of Bible scholars, teachers and biblical archaeologists who share their knowledge of Scripture. Most importantly, they demonstrate skills and methods so others can also penetrate the depth of Scripture.

    Mission Statement

    BibleInteract, Inc., opens and sets forth the Scriptures in a way that leads to dialogue in community and encourages personal investigation of Scripture (Acts 17:3, 11). It nurtures, equips and strengthens disciples in a relationship with the Lord Jesus by promoting knowledge and wisdom, reflecting on spiritual matters, and encouraging dialogue and discussion. To achieve this mission, we promote self-study programs and provide numerous online, television, and radio teachings in order to accommodate the numerous possible directions in which the Lord is leading His people in ministry and service.


    Statement of Belief

    Bibleinteract is a trans-denominational consortium of Bible scholars and students who embrace and humbly submit to Scripture as the written, divinely inspired Word of God, and give it authority in all matters upon which it touches. Bibleinteract views credal formulations and statements of faith, although valid for their stated purposes, nevertheless apart from the Bible itself.


    World-Class Speakers

    BibleInteract teachers are skilled in their respective fields of study. They are academic teachers, authors and speakers.


    Entertaining and Educational Videos

    All teachings are scholarly presentations that are delivered in an engaging and entertaining manner to make the depth of instruction easier to follow. Learn More


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    Members and Partners enjoy full access to the BibleInteract website. Membership is $10.00 a month and supports the ongoing work. Member benefits include:

    • Access to all Archives and Libraries
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    By pledging a larger monthly donation of $25.00 or more you will have access to BibleInteract's Roku On Demand in addition to the BibleInteract website, and you will be supporting the ongoing work and research of BibleInteract scholars, authors, and teachers. BibleInteract would not exist without the help of its partners. Partner benefits include:

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    BibleInteract Teachers

    Dr. Christy Anderson

    Dr. Anne Davis

    Dr. Dinah Dye

    Dr. Noreen Jacks

    Dr. Michael Koplitz, DMin, PhD​

    Dr. John Moore

    Dr. Yana Sanders​

    Dr. George Sparks

    Video Editors

    Andrew Godfrey

    ​Corey Ortega

    Ricardo Caballero

    Edris Hoover-Hinman

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