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No Condemnation to those in Christ

Many interpret condemnation as loss of eternal life. That is not what Paul meant in Romans 8:1. The key phrase is "in Christ". What does it mean to be "in Christ"?

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Are we Saved by Faith or Works?

Martin Luther proclaimed that salvation comes only from faith in Christ and that we cannot become righteous by performing good works, which Luther claimed the Jews were attempting to accomplish by obeying the Law. Christian teachers have tended to emphasize just one aspect of salvation when there are two aspects of what it means to be saved.

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Do Not Let Materialism Overtake Spirituality

Yeshua advised his disciples to divest themselves of material needs before they could be useful in helping him build the Kingdom of Heaven. However, the disciples were not yet trained in how to accomplish this. How could they be expected to release all of their beliefs about Materialism so quickly?

Dr. Anne Davis goes into detail on the importance of inheritance and the birthright in the Old Testament and that will show the deeper meaning in Paul's message in Galatians 3:29.

Follow Dr. Anne Davis as she goes through this 52-part series of very short videos on the concept of the Remnant. Dr. Davis will lead us on a journey that includes an introduction to the ancient artistry of language in the biblical text .

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