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Our purpose is to help you lay a foundation to learn, explore and interact with your Bible. But even more importantly, with the God of the Bible. We're here to help you go deeper. 

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Let me begin by telling you it is NOT a retelling of the biblical story. Instead, I use ancient Hebraic methods to help you “hear” the narrative the way the people of ancient Israel would have heard it.


God Wants Peace

We have different views that we are free to express with passion and conviction, but this should not lead to division among God’s people by insisting that our views are the only correct interpretation. Certainly, we do not have to submit to what we do not believe, but we must treat others who have different beliefs with compassion as the Gospel of Christ instructs us

Walking the Land of the Old Testament Course

This unique course is NOT a retelling of the biblical story. Instead, it explores hidden meaning and prophetic information through the artistry of the language. The people of ancient Israel would have “heard” these mysteries that are embedded in the depth of Scripture and can be uncovered if we learn how to think and respond like the ancient Israelites. There are 18 lessons with video lessons, engaging activities, and brief quizzes to monitor your progress.

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