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In the turmoil that our country is currently experiencing we must be asking ourselves, “What does God want us to do if we are faced with an ungodly and dangerous governing body?” No matter what your political views, in the current polarized climate some of us are going to be asking this agonizing question.


From Concubine to Queen

Dr. Noreen Jacks details the preparation Esther went through to become Queen of Persia as well as her courage in interceding for the Jewish people, daring to go before the king without following court protocol. This story of Queen Esther shows us the power we are given when we follow God.

How do we Cope with Isolation?

Today the problem many are dealing with is how to go from what is outside the home, community, social and work relationships, to isolation with little community interaction. Our social lives have been disrupted causing few social contacts and limited space in which to live.


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