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Our purpose is to help you lay a foundation to learn, explore and interact with your Bible. But even more importantly, with the God of the Bible. We're here to help you go deeper. 

The Fourth Gospel

The Gospel of John is dramatically different from the other Gospels. Christian theology has tended to interpret the fourth gospel through the lens of Greek philosophy, but there is much more to the Hebraic poetry that is conveyed through the exquisite nature of linguistic artistry.


Prophetic Symbolism of the 7 Species

Dr. Noreen Jacks shares the health benefits and the symbolism of the fig tree, the pomegranate, the palm tree and the olive tree, as well as wheat, barley and grapes – the Super Foods of the Bible. Trees are mentioned 235 times in the Bible and Dr. Jacks gives us insight as to their depth of meaning. This series comes with 8 downloadable videos and a workbook great for self-study or group discussion.

The Untold Story of Israel's Return Course

This online course includes focuses on the history of the legal formation of the state of Israel. A series of conversations between Dr. Anne Davis (BibleInteract) and Laura Green (AIPAC). The course also includes printable study guides, outlines of the video presentations, and engaging quizzes to test your knowledge.



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